Are Polished Concrete Floors Expensive?

Written by: jenvarner


Are Polished Concrete Floors Expensive?

So you’ve decided to remodel your home or maybe you’re starting to build a custom home? Congratulations! The process can be exciting, yet overwhelming with all of the decisions you are going to have to make. Well when it comes to choosing your flooring, you’re in luck! Here is everything you will want to know about polished concrete floors including the big question… the cost!

According to Home Advisor  the average cost of a polished concrete floor is $2,690. Pricing can range from $3.00 to $8.00 a square foot depending on several factors.


Factors that Affect the Cost of Polished Concrete Floors

  • The first thing to consider is if you are pouring new concrete or refinishing existing concrete. If you have existing concrete that needs several repairs, this will add to the cost, but will be much less in the long run if you are pouring fresh concrete.
  • The floor size and the specific design also contributes to the cost so take this into consideration when deciding to cover your existing concrete floors with carpet or hardwood or polish the raw existing concrete.
  • One way to reduce the cost of polishing an existing concrete floor is to use power trowel to save time.


Polished Concrete versus Other Traditional Flooring Options

When comparing flooring options, carpet is going to be your least expensive, but will not give you the industrial clean look of polished concrete or last as long. Laminate flooring is comparable to the cost of polished concrete, but when you look the durability of manufactured wood in comparison to concrete hardened to stone, polished concrete is the clear winner. Hardwood and tile flooring are also good options, but will cost a lot more per square foot then polished concrete.


So are polished concrete floors expensive? Depends on your needs and budget, but in the long run, they will last longer than other flooring options AND look really cool!


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