Do Panel Beaters Make Good Money?

If you are thinking of becoming a panel beater in Australia, it is only natural that you begin by understanding what a panel beater’s job description is. As a panel beater, your job is to repair damages to metal, plastic and fiberglass panels, usually on vehicle surfaces.

Normally, these panels are removed, repaired and then rejoined by use of specialized welding techniques. Having known the job description of a panel beater, your next question is probably “do panel beaters make good money?’’ Well, that depends on a few factors.

Factors Determining How Much Money Australian Panel Beaters Make

Experience – It is only expected that more experienced panel beaters earn more than their entry-level counterparts.
More experience literally means you have worked on all manner of panel beating jobs and have faced all kinds of challenges. Therefore, not only do you guarantee high-end services, but also a faster turnaround.

Panel beaters with experience spanning more than 20 years are likely to earn up to AU$29.19 compared to AU$19.74 that’s earned by those that have less than a year experience in the industry.

Skills – In addition to experience, your salary as a panel beater is also determined by the kinds of skills you profess. Some of the primary skills a panel beater must possess include the following;

1. Precision measurement.

2. Welding [including normal welding, spot welding and MIG welding].

3. Manufacturing fabrication.

4. Automotive engine repair.

Also, there could be additional advantages such as skills in people management and rudimentary business management skills.

Location – Location is a great influencer of pay disparities and panel beating is no experience. In Australia, Perth and Gold Coast panel beaters earn proportionately higher than those in other regions such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  If you plan on starting a successful panel beating shop like David Deicke, we recommend reading up about his story.
Also on location, panel beaters working closer to urban settings are likely to earn more than those that operate in rather rural settings.
So, What Is The Average Pay?

The average hourly rate for a panel beater in Australia is AU$25.12. But as we have mentioned above, it all depends on the factors at play.