Does DPI matter for gaming?

Until a few years ago, choosing a computer mouse was easy — all one had to do was pick up a mouse recommended by the store owner. However, due to the various advancements being witnessed in terms of technology, the simple mouse has become far more complex. This complexity increases further when you are a gamer. There are several factors to be considered while buying a gaming mouse. Button placement, ergonomics, RGBI lighting, etc., are some of the essential elements that must be considered before making a final purchasing decision. However, the most important criteria for most gamers while buying a mouse is DPI. Before we can understand how DPI affects the working of a mouse, it is essential to clarify what DPI is.


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What is DPI?


Dots per inch, abbreviated as DPI, is a metric used to measure the sensitivity of a mouse. Mice with higher DPI are more sensitive. Sensitivity denotes the movement of the cursor on the screen in response to the movement of the mouse. Let’s explain this with an example. If you have a computer mouse with 1600 DPI, it means every time you move your mouse by an inch, the cursor on the screen will move 1600 pixels. Thus, a mouse with a high DPI can detect even the most insignificant movements. Most gaming mice currently available in the market these days are 4000 DPI.

Many people confuse the concept of DPI with mouse sensitivity. However, these two are very different concepts. While DPI signifies the hardware setting of a mouse, sensitivity is a software-related concept. As an example, if you increase the sensitivity levels for a low-DPI mouse, the mouse will not be able to detect small movements. However, the operating system will correspond to increased sensitivity by making the cursor jump far with every movement. Thus, though your cursor will show increased movement, the movement itself will not be very smooth.

Does DPI Matter for FPS Gaming?


In general, most people assume that the higher the DPI, the better the mouse will be. Though this is not the case. While high DPI is an added advantage in terms of character movement, the extra sensitivity and movement rendered by high DPI can prove to be a problem while gaming. Moreover, a high DPI mouse generally makes more sense for people who use a high-resolution monitor. It is because, in the case of a high-resolution monitor, a high DPI allows a user to move the cursor without having to drag the mouse too much.


When it comes to FPS or First Person Shooter Games, DPI is a relevant concept as the final decision depends on the preference of the players. Moreover, these days, most FPS games have a sensitivity slider that allows you to change the sensitivity of the game even if you are using a low DPI mouse. That apart, different FPS games also have different FPS roles, and thus, there is no correct DPI number as such. It all depends on the FPS game one is playing, and the setting one feels most comfortable in.


What DPI Range Is the Right Choice for You?


As mentioned above, no one size fits all. However, an excellent way to decide what DPI is the right choice for you is to compare the gamer database available on various gaming websites. The database available on these gaming websites can be used to understand the settings that gamers use for different FPS games. However, based on the more extensive statistics, it can be said that most players prefer to use a mouse with DPI ranging from 800 to 1600. Similarly, most gamers using a high DPI mouse usually set their mouse sensitivity at low and vice versa.


The Final Word


When it comes to FPS games, DPI is an important concept that must be taken into account while buying a new gaming mouse. However, the recent advancements in technology have made it possible for gamers to enjoy a game even with a low DPI mouse. These days, even the standard DPI mice have several buttons that can be used to enhance the performance of a mouse while gaming. So, does DPI matter for FPS gaming? The answer is yes. However, it does not matter so much that you feel compelled to empty your pockets on a mouse you can’t afford to buy. But if you can afford one, you should try to get one to use.