Is Smart Wiring a product?
Smart Wiring is an industry wiring standard that once installed allows you to access multiple telephone, Internet, fax, PAY-TV options, as well as security, audio, lighting home automation, and garden irrigation features.

Do I have to buy the whole system or can I buy it in segments?
You can have as much or as little Smart Wiring as your budget and lifestyle permit. To make your choices easier, we have developed 4 standard packages, but of course you can tailor it any way you want.

How much does it cost?
Smart Wiring packages start at around $2000, but a number of factors will affect the cost, including the number of rooms that are connected. The cost of home automation, audio, security, smart lighting and computer network hardware will vary depending on quality and suppliers.

Should I get it done when I buy the house?
The cost of Smart Wiring your home during construction is far less than retro-wiring an existing home.

What if I want to do it later?
You can Smart Wire an existing home, but the cost far exceeds pre-wiring a home during construction.

I am doing renovations – is this a good time to do it?
Yes. Smart Wiring during renovations is the next best thing to Smart Wiring during construction.

What do I get?
The elements of each package are clearly laid out in the Smart Wired Options Brochure. You can get it from the “Design” section, or from your Smart Wired Builder or Electrician.

Do I have to spend much after the wiring is in?
The amount of hardware components you purchase to optimise the benefits of Smart Wiring is entirely up to you. Hardware components can be added according to your needs and budget. However by pre-wiring your home during construction you are ‘future proofing’ it for the information and communication age.

Will my existing equipment work on Smart Wiring?

What type of wire is it?
Copper is used for Smart Wiring due to its unique properties of conductivity, recyclability, ease of use, corrosion resistance and durability.

Why is it better than optic fibre or wireless systems?
The copper wiring system meets all the Australian Standards and works for all systems. It can be installed cheaper, is more durable and reliable than any other system and can carry large amounts of data.

Does it suit all services and hardware products?
Yes. The Smart Wired system is a technology independent wiring platform that suits all systems and services.

Is it to Australian Standards?
Yes. With the cooperation of our partners such as NECA, Krone, HIA, Foxtel, Telstra and Tycan, Smart Wiring was designed to meet all Australian Standards. The system uses products approved by the electrical and communications regulators where appropriate.

Who installs it and how are they trained?
The installers are registered communication and electrical cablers who have also undertaken specific training for accreditation in the Smart Wired system. The system can only be installed by Smart Wired accredited installers.

What guarantee do I get if it doesn’t work?
The system should not fail. The system is installed by installers licensed by the Australian communication authority and with specific Smart Wired Accreditation through NECA.

The installer will guarantee the work complies with the appropriate Standards.

Given that performance issues will become evident when products are attached, the manufacturers warranty will also prevail. The installers are members of an industry association and are established businesses who have the appropriate business insurances.

Who supports the system?
Your builder and hardware provider

What if I don’t want the whole system?
Smart Wiring is standardised so that if you select the Telecommunications option, your house is wired for Telephone, Internet, TV and Pay-TV to selected rooms throughout the house. There is little cost saving by wiring only part of your house, and remember that Smart Wiring both ‘future-proofs’ your home and adds value.

Will it be outdated?
Smart Wiring has been designed so that future technical requirements were accommodated to the best knowledge of our partners. It is forecast that the Smart Wiring system will ‘future proof’ your home into the foreseeable future, similar to the continuing utility of the plain old copper telephone line. But with technology we must caution that there is no certainty.

Does it add value to the home?
Yes. It is reasonable to conclude that as Smart Wired homes become the standard their value will exceed that of homes that are not Smart Wired.

Will I get a diagram of the wiring system?
Yes. Your electrician should leave a set of wiring plans with your builder.

What about wireless?
Wireless is an excellent technology for most Internet, pc and ce appliances in the modern home. Both wireless and Smart Wiring are complementary and form the essential platform for the future digital home.

Due to bandwith limitations, there are however, some applications where Smart Wiring is more reliable, secure and affordable, for example the transmission of audio, pictures and data in the home.