How To Do Your Own Pest Control

In many homes and business premises there are a large number of pests of different kinds like cockroaches, mice, rats, mosquitoes, houseflies. These pests create havoc, eating up food and other items, spreading diseases and making it difficult for those living in the property to sleep at night. Hiring a pest control agency can be expensive, inconvenient and an intrusion on the privacy of the individual or family. Hence many property owners are interested in finding out how to do your own pest control , which allows them more flexibility in their schedule and may also help them save some money.  Some areas of Adelaide are really prone to Pest Inspections, so ensure you get a home inspection in West Beaches of Adelaide.

The first step in doing pest control is to make a list of the pests in the home and also note the extent of the infestation. The amount of damage the pests are causing should also be evaluated. For example the lizards do not cause much damage, while rats, mice and cockroaches can cause a major problem for those living in the house. After this all the pest control options should be evaluated. For example there are ultrasonic pest repellents which claim to repel the pests from the home, if they are switched on. However, in reality these pest repellents are not very effective, and the pests will often continue to flourish.

Chemical sprays are also widely considered a very effective way of getting rid of pests. However many of these chemicals are extremely toxic and can cause health problems if they are ingested. Hence, it is advisable to search for non toxic methods, especially in homes with pests and small children. The person or family in the home, should apply the pest control product for some time and check if there is some reduction in the number of pests. If there is no change a new pest control product should be used, else the same product can be used repeatedly till almost all the pests are eliminated from the home.