How to repair scratches on cars?

Each driver at least once a life thought how to repair scratches on cars. Cosmetic damage on the car is inevitable. Remove small scratches from the car body should be made as quickly as possible, since each of them immediately becomes a potential source of corrosion.  If you have an expensive car, we recommend getting expert car scratch repair services in Melbourne.

Defects appear even during a neat driving. Moreover, their occurrence is not excluded, even when the vehicle is parked. Common causes of scratches on the car are:

  • Trees and bushes;
  • Inaccurate neighbors parking;
  • Abrasive impact of sand, ice particles etc;
  • Accidents (grazing with a shopping cart, childish pranks, etc.).
  • Visiting an automatic car wash – they are caused by the impact of stiff brushes.

The choice of the option to eliminate cosmetic defects depends on the depth and scale of damage. Therefore, before deciding how to repair scratches on cars removing, you should carefully examine the affected surface.

Shallow defects are eliminated by the method of restorative polishing. It can be made independently – with the help of a grinding machine, abrasive pastes and polishes. However, it is better to turn to car service. Experts know how to remove minor scratches from the car body in minimal time and with high quality.

If a primer layer is touched, then you can remove minor scratches from the car body with a special pencil. They can be such as listed below:

  • Wax looks like crayons for drawing, eliminate the crack by filling it with polymer. This is a cheap but short-lived way;
  • Gel is made in a marker or fountain pen form. The crack is repaired with a special transparent compound;
  • Corrector set is sold in a form of a kit, which includes a degreasing liquid, a bottle of varnish and napkins.

If the damage is so deep that it reaches the primer and metal, the affected fragment will have to be repainted. The procedure consists of several stages, including pre-cleaning, degreasing, filling, sanding, priming, painting and polishing.