How to repair your electric gate

If you have an electric gate installed, then you most likely have encountered some problems a damaged electric gate can cause. In this article, we will be discussing those problems as well as the solutions to fix them.


How To Repair Your Electric Gate




Ants may build the colony within the equipment. Usually they hide in control boxes as well as warmer places like safety photocells. To prevent this, consistently check an area around equipment for ant or any other vermin trails.


How to fix it: Brush around and then place friendly insecticide around units. Don’t spray any kind of liquid directly on an equipment though. To ensure the safety and smooth running of the equipment, avoid opening up any part of a system and even talk to professional technicians in case you feel that vermin and insects are a major challenge.


2)Gate Tracks

Obstructions like small sticks and stones may prevent the sliding gate from running as smoothly as usual. You can try some simple action like sweeping around a track to keep a track clean. However, don’t spray the lubricant or solvents on a track or gate because it can cause some major damage.


3)Automatic Gate Hinges

Hinges are oftentimes the most overworked part of a gate. As such, it is recommended to check if they’re in good shape on a daily basis. You can use the silicone spray for lubrication or if basic solutions aren’t working, then technicians can help you.


4)Manual Mode

If the power outage occurs and you can’t open your gates, then set your automation to a manual mode. Make sure that this option keeps working from time to time. Practice this method every 2 months.


5)Remote Controls

Remote controls typically feature the flashing light every time one opens or closes the gate. Once a light stops flashing though, you need to replace those batteries. You can pick them up at any store.


6)Light Sensors

Light sensors play a very important role for a lot of automatic gates. If you notice that they aren’t responding the way they should, just clean them off.



Final Thoughts


Fixing the issues associated with electric gate repair for automatic gates is not as difficult as many people think if you already know what is the issue at hand. So keep these tips in mind to use them for fixing the issue next time you encounter some problem your automatic gate brings.