Most Common Building Issues in Brisbane

How often are your commercial, rental, or home buildings inspected? While many people may consider doing it themselves, it’s recommended to seek the services of a professional building inspector because they have the skills and knowledge to detect any problem that may be within your plumbing system as well as checking the structural wear and tear. There has been a lot of building issues that many residents of Brisbane have been facing over the years and we’re going to briefly look at the common ones.  For building inspections in Brisbane, we recommend ASBIR.
Here are some of the common building issues in Brisbane
(1). Incomplete construction
This doesn’t necessarily have to be a major part such as not putting a roof, even the minor issues such as failing to connect one system to the other is considered to be incomplete construction. For instance, failure to connect a pergola to a stormwater drain through a gutter system or an eave.
(2). Plumbing issues
These are problems relating to fixtures and the plumbing pipes. You will find that a Brisbane resident has either poorly performing waste lines, leaking pipes, clogged drainage or molds.
(3). Fire separation walls
A large number of residents have breached the building codes because they have an incomplete firewall which is constructed to divide two units. This is considered to be a very big risk for safety because, in case of a fire breaking, it will spread to the flats, townhouses as well as between those units and this minimizes the safe period of time that people can escape.
(4). Roof problems.
Many residents have to face roofing issues due to the Brisbane climate which deteriorates them as time goes by. This may lead to a roof leaking which when left unrepaired causes major damages to both the interior and exterior walls.
(5). Missing/damaged fitting and fixtures
When an inspection is done, you realize that some things are either missing or in very bad form. Such items include lighting fixtures, appliances, and installed carpets.