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9/12/2009 6 MB Home Connectivity Download Podcast
9/12/2009 3 MB How a Smart Family can save $10k in a year in energy savings compared to a family without Smart Wiring. Download Podcast
24/03/2009 3.89 Mb The role of copper in Industry and commercial buildings to reduce carbon emissions. Download Podcast
24/03/2009 2.66 Mb How antimicrobial copper prevents infections in hospitals and public transport. Download Podcast
23/02/2009 3 Mb John Fennell, CEO of the Copper Development Centre . Australia on Future Technology Download Podcast
5/01/2007 3,104kb Ageing & Technology - what are the requirements from the digital home for the ageing 'baby boomer' population Download Podcast
5/01/2007 4,187kb What is Smart Wiring and the Smartwired House.. Download Podcast
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