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4 Mistakes to avoid when installing a Home Automation System

1.Buying your own equipment
Avoid buying your own equipment instead of purchasing products your smart wired installer suggests. A TV on sale somewhere might be a bargain, but bargain products are usually more difficult to integrate with a home automation system. The longer it takes to link a product to an automation system, the more you can expect to pay for programming.

While many innovative new products have automation capabilities built in, some, like programmable thermostats, electronic door locks, and WiFi surveillance cameras, don't always work well with automation systems. Yes, you can use a separate, dedicated smartphone app to control an IP surveillance camera, but if you want that camera to be a part of a complete automation system, where one command could control the lights, camera and other components, be prepared to pay for integration.

2. Relying on wireless networks
You'd think it would be easy to install a system that requires no wiring, but in many homes, that's not the best option. Home automation systems often require professional grade wireless networks as the number of devices on the network can jump from 5 to 75 very easily. Don't expect that inexpensive cable router your Internet Service Provider gave you will be able to handle the extra traffic.

3. Poor communication
You need open channels of communication between you, your smart wired installer and other subcontractors on the job (builder, architect, electrician, interior designer).
For your part, communicate openly and often with your installer so that he or she understands clearly your desires and expectations. You're going to be investing a lot of time and money to have your house automated, so ask a lot of questions and do your research.

4. Not researching in advance
By knowing what to expect, and being prepared to deal with certain obstacles, you can ensure that the design and installation of your automation system proceeds smoothly. You'll be able to take things in stride, which will make the entire experience more pleasant, and allow your professional home automation installer to provide a system that's perfectly suited for your home and family.

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