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Tech Trends 2015

What's likely to emerge in home automation in the coming year?

Here’s what TechNewsWorld reports as the technology and trends from Demo 2014, an invitation event in the Silicon Valley that showcases what products are most likely to mature in the market in 12 to 14 months.

Umbrela combines the best from Insteon and Sonos. It uses a central animated touchscreen panel and an intuitive touch interface to integrate music and traditional home automation with voice commands, so that the lights and music can work better together -- automatically adjusting the lighting for your entertainment, and creating an even better simulation of folks being at home when they are not.

Healium is designed to run on a head- mounted display and give medical professionals advice or answer their questions in real time as they deal with crisis-level life threatening emergency room cases.
Users would be able to see checklists, ask questions and get visual answers, view patent records, and potentially even see pictures of what they should be doing as they are dealing with crisis after crisis. This integration of technology into a head-mounted display is being explored in a wide variety of areas, with healthcare one of the fastest to adopt it.


Sensors are being placed in everything we touch and see, so it shouldn't be a surprise that folks are using them to make clothing. When you put on LikeAGlove, it then records your measurements more accurately than a tailor can today. These measurements can then be fed to the Web so that a service can create clothing that fits you better than anything you could possibly buy off the rack.

Curb - Energy Management
Curb offers an affordable way to determine where energy is being wasted in the home. Comprehensive and easy to install, it promises a far deeper look into what is consuming the most power and help figuring out what it is you need to do to lower your power bills.

Top Flight Technologies
Drones are one of the big product areas this year, and they are moving broadly across the market from the military, to hobbyists, to law enforcement, to product delivery, and even to first responders.

The problem with electric-powered products is that flight time is measured in minutes and carry weight is very limited. Top Flight Technologies' core offering is a drone powered by a small gas generator that can be installed in a multi-rotor electrical drone. The result is a drone that can fly for hours, carry a decent payload, and be used more effectively by law enforcement, for product deliveries, and for first responder robotic medical help than current battery-powered options.

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