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Smart Wiring is increasingly being accepted as an important inclusion in the construction process.

Smart Wiring is increasingly being accepted as an important inclusion in the construction process.

Just as Telstra Smart Communities have facilitated the growth of Smart Wiring in homes throughout Australia, so have accredited installers played an important role in setting this technology in motion.

Western Australian-based Intelligent Home is one such Smart Wired designer/installer who has successfully developed an initiative to ensure that both builders and Telstra Smart Community home owners are given an easy path to using connected home technologies. As a preferred installer for Telstra's Velocity network, Intelligent Home has positioned itself as a link between the consumer, builder and primary contractor.

"We realised there was a need to educate consumers in Telstra Smart Communities about the benefits of Smart Wired technology, as well as simplify the whole wiring process for both builders and primary contractors," says Brenton Morris, Director, Intelligent Home.

"One of our strategies was to devise an invitation letter for our builders - including Dale Alcock and Celebration Homes - to include in their pre-start pack to Telstra Smart Community home owners. The invitation basically asks the new home owners to come in and have a free consultation with us in which we explain what they get with the basic Telstra communications package right through to smart wiring, security options, multi room audio, home theatre, lighting, MRA, CCTV and networking computers", says Mr Morris.

"The client gets an opportunity to make an educated decision. They can see the technology working in our showroom and relate it to their home. We find that when most people understand what is there, they quickly see the benefit of having the wiring in place."

Intelligent Home has also positioned itself as a 'one-stop' shop for connecting the fibre optic to the home and wiring inside the home. The Telstra Velocity fibre optic network gives residents access to Foxtel Digital, high-speed internet, free-to-air television, fixed line phone the Next G mobile services. Previously a contractor had to be called to wire the fibre optic from the node in the street through to an optical network termination device (ONT) on the side of the home. Once this was done, a separate contractor had to be called to wire inside the home.

"In the past if the client wanted Smart Wiring they had to call us, or if they wanted just the standard telephone lines they had to call an electrician and Telstra to get the lines put in," explains Mr Morris.

"The advantage for us taking on the role of the primary contractor is that we are opening up a new market for our business and at the same time making it easier for the builder and the builder's customers."

John Fennell, CEO of the Copper Development Centre believes this type of initiative is indicative of the evolutionary changes occurring in the industry to make the Smart Wired program part of the construction process.

"It is these sorts of change agents that will take us from 30% of Australian homes Smart Wired up to 50% of homes. It is one of the key steps that we as an industry and our partners like Clipsal, HPM and NECA have been working towards."

"It is also further evidence of the successful partnership between Smart Wiring and Telstra to ensure homes in Telstra Smart Communities are Smart Wired at the building stage."


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