What is Smart Wiring?

Smart Wiring is the high-speed connectivity platform that can deliver up to 1gigs of data at home using both wired and wireless.

Smart Wiring(tm) is not only the best way to handle the super fast, broadband promised by Australia’s National Broadband Network-or NBN-but underpins its distribution around your home, apartment or office with absolute reliability and flexibility.

Making the most of all that digital speed and intelligence is the Smart Wiring(tm) promise. From the latest ultra high definition, 3D and web enabled televisions and projectors, to energy management, home networking, videoconferencing, security and connected appliances, Smart Wiring(tm) can handle the latest and biggest technological demands with ease.

Wireless will always be part of this hybrid connectivity mix, delivering a convenient and mobile add-on to the web experience. But on its own will never have the speed and performance of wires and cables that were designed to deal with digital technologies without interruptions or delays.

Smart Wiring(tm) is best installed when you’re building or renovating and can be tailored to suit your living and work requirements. It’s also a smart investment, adding approximately 1% in costs when building a home but future proofing it for rapid technological changes.

Smart Wiring(tm) works because it was developed and supported by the major industry players.

Which is why it’s now being installed in a third of all new houses and apartments, and home renovations in Australia each year.

Smart Wiring(tm) has been adopted as the gold home technology standard by most of the country’s leading developers, builders and registered cablers. It’s also backed up with specialised training and accreditation so that when it’s installed, technology will work the way it’s meant to.